An Introduction to Alyssa Adoncello MUA & her Drive

"Patience, Persistence and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success." - Napoleon Hill

Welcome to the beginning of my Beauty Blogs!

I can't wait to blog and note about all things Business, Beauty tips and tricks & all things Makeup!

Now... a little bit about me!

About Alyssa Adoncello

Hi I'm Alyssa Adoncello the founder and director of Alyssa Adoncello MUA, I established my business officially 2 years ago and have 6 years of experience in the Beauty Industry. My love for makeup started at the age of 14 and completed my first client by the age of 15- You do not want to see her eyeliner!

Today at 19 years old I am a Entrepreneur and Business Owner, have a strong client base, a specialist in the bridal industry & provides education for Makeup Artists and individuals who want to learn fundamentals of Makeup.

I have also been apart of Photoshoots such as Meshki for their Clothing Campaigns and online website, Ginger & Me, and O cosmetics photoshoots.

In 2020 I was announced by Wedded Wonderland as one of the Top 20 Makeup Artists in 2020 in the Bridal Industry.

I also have attended Multiple Business seminars with speakers such Julie Pintadosi, Pat Mesiti & Charles Marcus. To expand my skills beyond makeup, and to take my Business to the next level by implementing their expertise through my business.

This all would not have been possible without my drive and obsession with business and entrepreneurship. To be a Makeup Artist, yes you will need to have skill, expertise, patience & customer service but most of all Empathy . Empathy will allow your Artist and Client relationship to be taken to the next level which will grant you not only support but reputation amongst your industry. This is what drives me every single day - Empathy.


You want your clients to be coming to you for YOU. Not only your skill for makeup, but for their friendship and trust with you. Because this is how you create a strong client base, with the trust among your community.

Now about YOU!

You need to not only love what you do, love makeup, love clients... YOU NEED TO BE OBSESSED WITH IT ALL! You need to be obsessed and persistent with the process. The highs and lows of business. That picky client you did today, you need to be obsessed with and take it on as a lesson. That cut crease you did, you need to be obsessed with. Your clients opening up to you about their life, you need to be obsessed with the conversation. The crazy amount of Admin and bookkeeping, you need to be obsessed with! I could go on all day.

You need to be obsessed with this industry you can't just love it, in order for people to love and follow you. And this takes time and patience. SO if your a MUA and your reading this take note!

These blogs are for me to create a community, I not only want to a makeup artist and your go to girl for your wedding, your photoshoots and your special occasion. I want to motivate people in my industry and my followers in all things from business, product obsessions, tips and tricks and all things I'm obsessed with... MAKEUP

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