COVID-19 & it's impact on individuals who have Businesses in the Beauty Industry

“I watched all of my jobs for the month cancel in a matter of hours”

“I have a makeup studio space I rent and pay expenses with zero income.”

“I have lost all my brides till the end of the year and have no bookings for 6 months straight” This is a hard time for us MUA’s. There is no doubt, every single individual you meet & speak to will be impacted by the coronavirus in some way. Either they may be affected from the virus health wise or economically. In mid-March over 60% of Australian businesses report being affected by the COVID-19 crisis. This is a hard time for all, in all industries globally. From the Hospitality, to the Travel industry & wholesale businesses are significantly impacted from COVID-19 from a business point of view. But unfortunately as much as we all think we are in the same boat, everyone has their own personal battles they are facing during this time. In Australia, stage two lockdown restrictions were put in place to prevent COVID-19 transmission in Australia, this meant that all beauty therapy, tanning, nail and waxing salons across the country were forced to close as a non essential business. In this Blog, I'm going to be addressing all Freelance Makeup Artists and anyone in the Beauty industry how they can expand their business, and stay in contact with their passion during this crisis.

Content Creation, Education, & Enhancing your skills

First and foremost... Enjoy making content during this time!

Once Instagram came onto the scene, social media has been a key part of how beauty and makeup professionals build their businesses. Clients often use this platform to find Artists to their occasions and book appointments. So this is your time to do your hair, get in-front of your camera and GLAM! So you can expand your insights and clientele.

Do that creative look you have saved in your camera roll, experiment with that new pallet you bought and create!

"Dream. Create. Share & Inspire"

I know it is hard! Especially for me, im not a beauty influencer so to get infront of the camera is really confronting. But if they can do it us MUA’s can!

Main streams of content you can create:

- IGTV tutorials, YouTube tutorials, Short 1 minute Instagram videos

- Instagram posts of new looks, product of the day, Pictorials

- Update your website, create blog posts or make a website if you don’t have one!

- Update your portfolio with professional photos from your past photoshoots

- Practice makeup on a family member with mature skin- this is so important that your able to enhance all skin types! Practice, practice, practice

- Film in trend Tik Toks even if they're not related to beauty- your clients will feel more connected to you! (Im so bad at these, I get so nervous LOL)

Another tip, as were not allowed to do clients at this time If you have Stock that you sell in your business like products, lashes or skincare- Do a promotion! & Sell them during this time. Deliver them to your clients door physically while you have the time. You can make a kit that suits your client’s needs. You can promote this on your website as an online store system or through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook if you want to keep things simple!

And hello?! Join online Makeup Artists webinars or apply for online beauty courses in a new service that you've always wanted to do. Expand your mind and stay educated in your field. Or expand your mind in the business side of your industry by listening to Motivational Speakers, Business Savvy Podcasts and books.

Self care during this time is KEY!

You, Your Mind, Your Health and Your Body comes first!

In this industry, we don’t have a lot of time for ourselves. We are always making other people feel good and look beautiful. This is our time lovelys! To take time out, do a puzzle, spend time with family, watch Netflix, have a nap! We need to pause and take a moment for ourselves. - side note, I have been eating my whole fridge, maybe don't do that!

Self care Ideas: - Upkeeping a skincare routine - Taking long walks - Photography - Meditation - Write a journal - Upkeep positive affirmations - Learn something new

- Re organising your room, studio space, makeup kit

- Watch Netflix!

I personally allow, one big list of To-dos such as admin, content creation and general things that need to get done in my week on a piece of paper. Then write up a table and only do 1 or 2 of those tasks a day for 2-3hours of my day. Otherwise you will stress yourself out trying to complete a weeks work of To-dos in one day. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Now on a more serious note.

Is important for your well being that you put your mental health first as this is a matter of survival, you need to be in the right mainframe mentally before the world starts back up again.

However if you are having bad thoughts and everything regarding Health, Business & family is getting the better of you please refer to the mental health services attached here. Its okay to talk about it, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT. It's understandable, everything we have worked hard for, invested and lived for has been snatched from us... HOWEVER. Your mental health comes before an instagram post, an email, or a task. You will come first, especially in a time of crisis

Thank you for reading, I thought I would write something that will touch many hearts right now! We are going through this together.

I'll just leave you with a quote that really touched me during this time.

Love Alyssa xoxo

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